our learning team

We works as a ‘Bridge’ to build up connections between local training teams & regional teams, with our supporting network devote our talents & efforts to ensure transferring know-how successfully in Veolia.

L&D key persons

We invite you to create your learning path with us!

Lydia GUO

Center Manager -

Zhuhai Technical Centre


Juliette CHU

​Learning & Development Senior Manager


Malongna CHEIN

​Vice President of Learning and Innovation



Center Manager -

Campus Veolia China


GAO Liting

Center Manager -

Changzhou Technical Centre


Thanks to such practical trainings, Veolia employees get quickly familiar and faster confident with new practices in their working environment.
L&D and its supporting network devote their talents and efforts to ensure transferring know-how successfully in Veolia.
Our Learning Team is committed to a unique and exciting
mission to enhancing learning culture across Veolia.
Our goal is to provide an environment for people to discuss openly and share the best practice so that participants can relate to their actual working situation.
Facilities of training centers are designed to offer to training participants a complete vision on the expertise of Veolia services. 

Professional Training Team

Our efforts are accomplished in a variety of ways!

Aileen WONG

LMS Specialist


Employee Training Plan


Website & Intranet & Special Program

James JIA

Internal Trainer

May Mei

E-learning & Internal Trainer

VEOLIA Learning Team

Alexis WANG

Program Registration & Internal Trainer

Cecile CHEN

Branding & Marketing

Dominic TANG

Training Specialist and Coordinator

Audrey LV

Training Specialist and Coordinator

TAN Yong

Training Specialist and Coordinator