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500+ competencies

Competency Based Training (CBT) Our Training Methodology 

The competencies in the Model are a set of measurable performance criteria that help employees understand the professional, "on-the-job" behaviors that they can display to improve their performance and therefore their chances of success in the company.

CBT for Everyone


June- Aug Define competency required for  Business 

linked to corporate core value so that employees can gain competencies in implementing corporate strategies, and hence achieve desired results. 

Aug - Oct

Competency model review and Training design

by our Subject Experts. It involves reviewing existing competencies and conducting role analysis to determine the key competencies that are related to successful performance of staff in his/ her job.

Nov- Dec
CBT process + Training needs analysis (TNA)

is prepared annually to identify the gaps between the employees’ current capability and the required level of competencies.  Gathering this information annually through competency assessment is part of the annual appraisal process.

Training curriculum

based on the training needs analysis, acquire suitable training providers and design training materials for training. All regional trainings involve Subject Experts., especially emphasis the use of Internal Veolia Subject Experts. 

Evaluation and Improvement

completion of the training curriculum for one year is also the beginning of the next round of training, allow us to adjust and improve future training programs to better suit the needs of our employees.






Professionalism of Training Management

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Competency Model

The Competency Model outlines a common language of competencies for Veolia which is linked to the Job Activity outlined in GPEC.

The Competency Model was created by merging several existing competency lists already in use by specific functions and countries in Veolia, and interviews with our Subject Experts. 

Latest CBT model book and catalogue can be found on Mylearning. 


Learning and Development Team

Learning and Development fosters an environment that embraces a learning culture - the CBT approach gives our workforce the opportunity to develop professionally in various aspects of the work that they do. Training plans are developed through the involvement of employees, regional and local management, and subject experts.

Regularly talk with the top management who is deeply committed and involved to develop the learning culture in the company and to make the employees feel that trainings are aligned to business strategies.

Our employees

Learning and Development listens to their feedback about the effectiveness of the training process practiced in the organization. Employees are able to put their learning into practice, to improve their performance and to further learn to benefit in their workplace. 

HR/Training professionals

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