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COVID-19 Information

Updated June 30, 2021

Campus Veolia in Asia is committed to offering an innovative, safe, and enriching experience for our employees in Asia. We followed the guidance from the  Health & Safety Dept and Security team on updating the registration policy for reopining our campus . Our team have developed courses and co-curricular activities that are transformative and engaging for all students, both here in Campus Veolia , Hub office and remotely around various projects/site. 

We are continuing to offer a mix of remote, hybrid, and  in-person classes at 2 campus in China as well as Hub offices.  When registering for the in-person classes, all employees are required to follow Veolia health and safety protocols, such as wearing face coverings while in classroom and completing the  health declaration form.

Put Our People First

We will carefully and consistently follow all public health guidelines; we will be inclusive; and we will consider the needs of our diverse community. 


We will provide transformative learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom; we will ensure all employees can develop the skills required to build up their career


We will ensure all our employees feel connected via our semeless offering of training programs. We continue to develop and deliver comprehensive range of trainings which will empower our employees and be able to influence the community with our purpose.


We are committed to putting our people first and ensuring the well-being of the Veolian as we resume our in-person classes at campus. Doing so requires a collective commitment and personal responsibility.

Following rules apply:

1. If you are sick, stay home.

2.  Effective July 5, all employees joining regional training at our campus must complete the health declaration form.

3. Mask and social distant rules are still required regardless of vaccination status during class sessions, on campus transportation

4 Participants who decline to submit health declaration information will not be allowed to enter the campus.

5.Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.

Enhanced cleaning  will occur during the day, and the entire campus will receive a deep cleaning each night after hours.

Cleaning supplies are available throughout the campus for people who want to clean surfaces on their own.

Anyone who does not comply with required public and Veolia health protocols will not be allowed to remain on the campus.

Please refer to the attached Campus in-person registration policy for COVID for details.


Safety Mask

Epidemic Prevention and Controlling Tips

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