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Digital Learning

Create your learning path with us anywhere and everywhere!

Digital Learning in Veolia offers a innovative and flexible online training alternative enabling you to develop new skills when and wherere quired, at a pace appropriate to your own style of Learning. A bunch of selective Elearning and mobile learning course are available on your PC and smart phone. LD is also collaborating with Veolia Subject Expert to transfer more and more Veolia feature course online. 

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E-learning Platforms

enable easy access and ensure good online learning experiences, different vendors meet varieties of learning needs.


A PC based learning session, accessible for 3 months, developed by Veolia, and Externally, covers a variety of topics:

  • ​Fundamental Skills, Business Skills, Professional Awareness, Customer Service, Human Resources,
    Corporate Finance, Leadership Skills, Top Management Strategy and Purchasing Management.

  • Personal Development, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Finance, IT.

  • Acting for Sustainable Development, Collaborate Successfully with Your Manager, Fundamentals of Carbon Footprint, Fundamentals of Health & Safety, Professional Business Etiquette.


E-learning Contact Person
Project Manager of E-learning


Mobile learning is a form of distance education via personal mobile phones, an easy learning across multiple contexts and interactions, e.g. games, videos, etc. 

Now, our mobile learning could be enrolled individually or as part of the module for classroom training (blended learning).


M-learning Contact Person

Lydia GUO

Project Manager of Mobile Learning




Blended Learning

Blended learning scheme is a formal regional training program that combines 15-days M-learning with 2 or 3-days traditional classroom training, both of which performs as a complement to each other. 

VALOBIO - Blended Courses by Campus France

VALOBIO™ training is deployed on one year course, as a blended-learning format, from which you are going to learn everything about biological recovering. 

  • Format: As a mixed learning solution, VALOBIO combines with e-Learning, Site trip and Coaching & team work.

  • Contents: Build on 7 blocks. (1st is the basics)

  • Target audiences: All learners (commercial, operational agent, operation manager, operational units director).


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