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LEA 360 (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis)

Given the right tools, people have the ability to grow and succeed

Growth as a leader requires exploration and intention

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis ™ (LEA) identifies leadership skills and behaviours under 6 core functions:

Creating A Vision

Developing Followership

Implementing the Vision


Following Through

Achieving Result

Team Playing

Traditional, Innovative, Technical, Self, Strategic

Persuasive, Outgoing, Excitement, Restraint

Structuring, Tactical, Communication, Delegation

Control, Feedback

Management Focus, Dominant, Production

Cooperation, Consensual, Authroity, Empathy


The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ suite of assessments offers an expansive, holistic, and unparalleled view of your current and emerging leaders and provides a clear roadmap for growth and increased success.

Flexible assessment tools for:

  • Coaching

  • Team Development

  • High Potential Selection and Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Mergers and Transitions

  • Culture Shifts

  • Candidate Selection


The LEA 360™ Suite: for Organizational Development

Great leadership does not have a universal formula.

Empower leaders to chart their path to success

with assessments that respect individuality,

foster self-awareness and inspire growth

that will support orgranizational success.



Because leadership is the dominant influence on organizational culture, MRG created an assessment that gives organizations deep, clear insights into the culture created by leadership practices and behaviors.


Oriented toward the future, this questionnaire is ideal for organizations who are looking to define the approach to leadership that will enable them to successfully achieve their strategic objectives.


Grounded in current conditions and tied to specific leadership roles, this questionnaire is used to establish leadership priorities for a particular role or roles.

When Using LEA with Teams and Groups


Whether working with an intact team or senior leaders, high-level insights into the group’s behavior and effectiveness are a critical foundation for development. The LEA 360™ Enhanced Composite Report delivers several powerful tools for group work, including:

  • Profile analysis illuminating research-based insights about how the group profile measures up against three core leadership competencies;

  • Potential blind spots indicating areas where leaders may be less aware of their impact on observers;

  • Strategic Directions gap analysis revealing the group profile’s alignment to the organization’s target leadership profile

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