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All in "MyLearning"

Take your learning voyage to the next level with New MyLearning (LMS) and empower both you and your people to learn anywhere, whether they're working in the field or on the go.


Your E-Learning Partner

New MyLearning keeps all employees on track using powerful features like intuitive and customized design options, and time-saving automated enrollments and notifications. Ensure everyone have access to training and information suitable for them , whenever and wherever they need it.

Create your learning path with us

anywhere and everywhere!

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Instead of rely on desktop only, New MyLearning would support all devices with corresponding interface.

With New MyLearning, LTM/LTC can access employee info anytime, anywhere at their leisure.

New MyLearning shall be used by all employees as their learning partner in Veolia.

Online LMS Seamlessly Across All Devices

Update Employee Info by LTM/LTC Directly

Preview Upcoming & Past Training Plan By Self


A gateway to manage all aspects of your learning & development online

 E-learning in Veolia offers an innovative and flexible online training alternative enabling you to develop new skills when and where required, at a pace appropriate to your own style of learning.


New MyLearning would help you to navigate to any  training providers.

Everything is listed in your training profile 

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