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What's in our box?

Veolia knows the value of collaboration.  We enjoy an unsurpassed reputation for learning excellence across our global learning organization.  Key goals are to standardize learning resources and scheme learning solutions across countries to the extent possible, to increase efficiency, and to reduce administration costs. Veolia Learning and Development team has set up top-notch, diversified learning solultions to meet up the needs. You could learn more specifications on the sub-navigation sections: Classroom training; Personal Profiling; Digital learning and Mylearning.

Technical Simulators

Pilot Installations

Training Catalogue

LMS – Mylearning

Business Simulators

Training Programs

Mix of Training Modules



New Employee Orientation Kits

Brouchure & Publications

Computer Simulations



On-site Training

Training Videos Production

On the Job Training

Through daily practice paired with co-training (tutoring, peer learning and technical learning) or self-training. Specific & integrated courseware provided, e-learning modules, and other tools offer countless training possibilities.


These training initiatives feature workshops and seminars, locally or abroad. Planned ahead of time, these are designed to deliver specialized skills. Find more on "Classsroom Training" page.


Via courseware & distance training. Well adapted to the acquisition of long-term knowledge, its main advantage is flexibility of use, since training can be acquired without having to set aside large blocks of time.

Diverse,  Flexible Learning Solutions

All in "Mylearning"
A gateway to manage all aspect of your learning & development online

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