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Finding a Coach or a Mentor inside Veolia
Clarify your goals and enhance your capacities outside the training

Why ?


& Mentoring

How we learn at work?

  • 70% on the job training, among which

  • 20% coaching & mentoring, while only

  • 10 % formal classroom training


Being a

Coach or Mentor?


Being a

Coachee or Mentee?



Coaching & Mentoring Program

Learning by teaching

When you teach something to another person, you make yourselves smarter in the process of teaching by discovering all of the details that you don’t completely understand yourself.

Professional growth

Receive assistance with long-term career planning and course of actions, general constructive criticism and guidance, good advice and practical help; increase motivation and productivity in leadership role.

Further leadership skills

Mentoring helps to polish and enhance your leadership skills, such as providing feedback, communication skills and interpersonal skills.

for the company

A new starts

You can continuously gain fresh perspectives through interaction with less experienced colleagues, staying touch with new emerging issues.

Win-win solutions

Expand and broaden your professional network and opportunities; Receive endorsement from colleagues; encourage and enhance a sense of belongs to the group.

Personal growth

Build your confidence and discover your potentials by concrete dialogues of confidential exchanges, intellectual stimulation.

Energize your work life

When you find your own work motivation flagging, mentoring helps you to re-discover how much you have completed in your career, and feel more connected to your colleagues.

Tangible rewards

Work towards a promotion, changing roles in department or organization.

Maximize  environment of collaboration & diversity

Embrace culture of staff development & continuous learning

Facilitate   growth of potential leaders & retain talents

Encourage   commitment to Veolia and enhance performance

How ?


& Platform